It's that time of year again...It's the kick-off to the CNY Maple Festival in Marathon and the Pancake Eating contest. Here is your chance to eat as many pancakes as you can in 15 minutes and you'll actually be cheered on as you do it.

This year, the festival will run Saturday, April 15th and Sunday, April 16th and it all begins with their (world famous) pancake eating contest on Saturday morning. It's judgement free and the more that you eat, the more money that you'll raise for the non-profit of YOUR choice.

I've participated twice in this event and last year, I "shoved/dropped" 10 pancakes in 15 minutes and raised $500 for the Woman's Hope Home and the Hope Homes Foundation in Johnson City.

Tossing Pancakes To Hungry Audience Members

Glenn Pitcher
Glenn Pitcher

Congratulations to last year's winner, Dan Cross who ate 18 pancakes and raised money for the MCS girl's field hockey team. He doesn't like pancakes, so he took out his anger on the flapjacks and raised some much need funds for the team.

This is not Dan next to me (obviously), this was Amanda and she was eating pancakes for the Willow's Wings Animal Sanctuary. I tried to rattle her cage with some smack talk, maybe if I concentrated on eating instead of talking, I would have downed more pancakes for the Hope Home Foundation...sorry about that.

Beaten By A Woman...And I'm Okay With That

Glenn Pitcher
Glenn Pitcher

I'm under the impression that I'm not eligible until next year but you can give it your best try. It's 15 minutes of fun and good cheer for you and your organization. You'll be on stage at the Marathon High School Auditorium bright and early at 9 a.m. on Saturday, April 15th.

You can get flat donations or by the pancake and as an added bonus, the CNY Maple Festival will give you a donation for every pancake that you eat too. If you eat like you're on a timer then this is a great way to put that talent to good use.

2014 Central NY Maple Festival Pancake Eating Contest Introduction

Pancake Eaters Wanted For CNY Maple Festival in Marathon

If your interested, drop a line to Pancake Eating Contest, P.O. Box 291, Marathon NY 13803. Give the name of your group, address and a phone number so they can contact you.

If you get into the contest and want some pancake eating tips that I learned from the event, let me know and I'll give you my free advice. It's a pancake eating contest and you might be thinking syrup, and when you think of syrup, you might be thinking Canada.

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